News and Events

Aug 16, 2017

Dr. Bidisha Roy (Walter Schottky institute of TUM Munich, Germany), “Nanoplasmonic array induced modified emission properties from monolayer WSe2 in AG80 starts at 1430

Prof. Chandrasekhar Bhamidipati (IIT, Bhubhaneswar), “Black Holes at Criticality (Quantum Spacetime Seminar Series)  in AG66 starts at 1430

Dr. K. Dharmalingam (Aravind Medical Research Foundation, Madurai), “Ocular Diseases: Prediction, Prevention and Basic Research in AG-66 starts at 1600

Aug 17, 2017

Prof. Sachin Jain (IISER, Pune), “Small step towards computing all loop exact arbitrary m to n scattering amplitude in Chern-Simons matter theories (Quantum Spacetime Seminar Series)  in A304 starts at 1000

Prof. Subhro Bhattacharjee (ICTS TIFR, Bengaluru), “Electric field response in a three dimensional U(1) Quantum spin liquid in A 304 starts at 1430

Prof. Sridhara Rao Dasu (University of Wisconsin, USA), “Observation of the Higgs boson decay to a pair of τ leptons in AG 69 starts at 1430

Dr. Ekata Saha (TIFR, Mumbai), “`Transcendence of certain infinite series’ in AG-69 starts at 1600

Aug 18, 2017

Mr. Rakesh Pawar (TIFR), “Ph.D. thesis Defense in AG-77 starts at 1100

Mr. Ashish Shukla (TIFR), “Ph.D. Synopsis Seminar in A-304 starts at 1130

Mr. Lovy Singhal (TIFR), “Ph.D. Thesis Defense in AG-77 starts at 1400

Dr. Indira Chowdhury (Centre for Public History, Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Bengaluru), “The predicaments of institutional legacy: Archival oral histories of TIFR and what they tell us in AG-66. starts at 1600